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Harris-Wellbeing Research Centre 

Research Studies

Please call us on 0151-795 9562 or email ricketts@liverpool.ac.uk if you would like additional information regarding our research studies.

Current Research

The Development of Novel Biomarkers for Preterm Labour

Developing new methods to predict preterm birth.


Would you like to contribute to preterm birth research, and at the same time receive 2 additional scans in your pregnancy?  


If you have had at least one baby before please click the link below to find out more.  


Three-arm RandomisEd trial of Cerclage, Arabin pessary, and vaginal Progesterone to prevent spontaneous preterm birth in asymptomatic high-risk women: a feasibility study

Tell Us Your Views About The Arabin Pessary

Questionnaire study to look at views of ladies who had been fitted (at Liverpool Women's Preterm Birth Clinic) with an Arabin pessary to treat a short cervix to reduce the risk of extremely preterm birth.  

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