Harris-Wellbeing Research Centre
Harris-Wellbeing Research Centre 

About Us

Thanks to the generosity and support of Lord and Lady Harris of Peckham we were awarded a Harris Research Grant in November 2014.  The grant is for a period of five years and funds the Harris-Wellbeing Preterm Birth Centre, hosted by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool Women's NHS Foundation Trust at the Liverpool Women's Hospital.


The Centre is home to a research programme aimed at improving understanding of what causes preterm birth and what can be done to prevent it.  


Preterm birth is the single biggest cause of neonatal morbidity and mortality in the UK and worldwide. The central hypothesis of our research centre is that preterm birth has a wide range of causes, which if present in a particular configuration will contribute to preterm birth. 


In 2019 the Centre was granted a no cost extension by Wellbeing of Women for a period of 12 months.    



Our overarching aim is to use pan-omic analyses, systems biology and research synthesis to bridge the gaps between molecular mechanisms, physiology and therapeutics.


Our ultimate goal is to use principles of personalised medicine to deliver targeted preventative strategies by sophisticated stratification of pregnant populations.


Our translational research strategy is summarized in the figure below.

We are located at:

Harris-Wellbeing Research Centre

University of Liverpool

1st Floor, Liverpool Women's Hospital

Crown Street


L8 7SS

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